Praytell is the Chicago-based musical duo of married couple Jon Guerra & Valerie Strattan Guerra. Mixing nostalgic harmonies and poetic lyrics with musical story-telling, Praytell was born in late 2017 to be a home for songs that didn’t fit the clean lines of the duo's other musical projects.

Fresh off a 2017 fall tour with Andrew Belle & a headline Christmas tour (after years opening for Amy Grant and Vince Gill's Christmas at The Ryman), Praytell is continuing work on their debut album. 

Valerie’s been a clinical social worker in Chicago, working with refugees for the last ten years. Jon is the son of immigrant parents from Cuba and Argentina. Praytell knows as well as anybody that the world doesn’t need just another cute folk-pop duo. Love, life, and longing are anything but cute when you get down to it.  But, as they say, it's all better together.

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