Silent Night

Christmas Song Release 2017

Dec 1, 2010 • We were newlyweds, living in our 1-bedroom Chicago apartment. We wrote a Christmas song about Christkindlemarket, the red line platform in December, mentioned a few local highways, pulled out all the instruments we could play and recorded “It’s Almost Christmas!” We burned some copies & sold them at the frozen custard shop around the corner. 
It’s now tradition: every year, we record a song - in this apartment - and release it.

Dec 1, 2017 • Still the same apartment, the same city, but it feels like a different world. There’s been a bleakness these last years in our country and around the globe, and, having been a social worker in Chicago & with refugees, I (Valerie) have known the names and faces, not just the headlines. The city still twinkles, but just behind the lights, there’s a lot more going on.

One night, we started talking about that beautiful story from WWI:

Dec 1914 • There was Christmas Eve truce, a Silent Night. Veteran Alfred Anderson: “I remember the silence… it was a short peace in a terrible war.”

We hope for a LONG peace, an END to terrible wars.
This Christmas, we hope Silent Night brings you peace, wherever you are.

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